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The End of Month Jam

March 31st, 2019



The Muppet Country Trio

If you like country/bluegrass music and the Muppets, you’ll love this trio’s hilarious song. Even Statler and Waldorf like it!
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Our bottom line goal is to keep our local live music alive and well in our area. So c’mon out to Spruce Woods the last Sunday of each month and bring your music with you. We’d love to see ya…

Here’s a map to find your way to Sprucewoods, coming from Brandon Manitoba or the surrounding area. (Click on the map to enlarge it.)
Roots Music | Anything and everything that I can think of, dealing with music will be here if I can figure a way to put it on a web site.

Here’s a map so’s you can find your way around SpruceWoods. (Click on the map to enlarge it.)  If you would like to join us in our jams or would just like more information call Wayne at (204) 834-2130 or any of the executive listed on the executive page under “Members”. ________________________________________________________________


It’s free and easy…

Here are the requirements: Westman Jams does not pay rent for the venue: i.e The hall/auditorium/ must be donated. There is NO charge for admission at the door. Westman Jams takes a silver collection Your town can put on a supper to raise money. Most of the Jammers will participate and buy a ticket. If you would like arrange a jam in your community call Wayne at (204) 834-2130 or any of the executive listed on the executive page under “Members”.


The Canadian Northern Lights are a group of Motorhome enthusiasts from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota that get together approximately once a month to enjoy fellowship and fun. On the weekend of May 26 to 29, 2016 we enjoyed the hospitality of Carberry, Manitoba.

Occasionally we enjoy live entertainment. It was arranged that a club called the Westman Jammers would try to bring together some members and play some old time music for us to enjoy. We ended up with 15 players, singers and family members that joined us for an evening of good music and dancing. They travelled from different parts of the province to get together. The music and dancing lasted a full two hours and it was apparent that they truly enjoyed what they were doing.

I would like to pass on a big thank you from the Canadian Northern Lights to Wayne and all the Westman Jammers that joined us that night to give us an evening of entertainment that will be remembered and talked about for some time to come.

Vice President

Bryan Paqui