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There will be NO month-end Jam in Spruce Woods on December 30th due to the New Years Jam taking place at Waggle Springs on the evening of December 31st. There is NO Sunday afternoon Jam for December.

What’s happening in December.

The Westman Jams, New Years Eve Party.

(December 31st, 2018)

Come and join us as we celebrate the arrival 0f 2019 at the Waggle Springs Wild Life Club House in Sprucewoods. (Details listed in the poster below.)

*** News Flash ***

Here’s a big development due to take place in the new year!

The Royal Canadian Legion (Branch 003) has agreed to host it’s, ever popular, Legion Jam at it’s hall in Brandon, Manitoba on a regular, monthly, basis.

Starting in January, the Legion Jam will take place on the 2nd Sunday of every month down at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall on 560, 13th Street East in Brandon, Manitoba. Doors will open at 1:00pm with the jam starting at 2:00 and ending at 5:00. As in the past, no admission or participation fees will be charged and everybody is invited to take part, either in the crowd or at the microphone.

I remember asking for your support in making the first Legion Jam a success because, as I put it, “It’s about time Brandon got it’s own regular Jam.” Well, you folks did it, along with the Royal Canadian Legion! Great job people! I can hardly wait for the new year to come! See you down at the Jam!


Elger Heath : (a.k.a. The Chairman)

For those of you who know the jams well… I am Elger Heath so this month I am featuring … well… me. Now I know what your thinking. That’s a pretty selfish thing to do, using a platform you edit to feature yourself! But I’m afraid that the only sample I was able to edit out of the last jam’s recordings that was clean enough to feature was my piece at the mic and this is, in the end, an audio feature. The point of these features is to give you folks an idea what you might hear at a jam and that would include me as well. Besides, sooner or later my number had to come up so I might as well get this over with early on.

My name is Elger Heath, and I am one of the singer / guitarists you’ll see at the jam on a regular basis. I say singer / guitarist, because if I have any talent at all it is with my voice. I learned to play guitar just to fill in the sound behind my singing. I have always been a singer, long before I learned to play guitar.

What Westman Jams has done for me:

Westman Jams has given me experience and challenges. I was a reasonable chord-er when I first came to the jam but what I lacked was people to play along side. I don’t come to a jam to stand up at a mic and show off my talents as a lead singer. What I REALLY enjoy is singing harmony with other singers and counter picking in the background. I’d sooner be the harmony then the lead. Harmony is where all the fun is at. You can’t do harmony all by your self. Westman Jams has given me musical friends to mix music with. That’s what is so great about a jam and it is what keeps me coming back every month. Also, it is fascinating, all of the character you meet at the jams and what they do and know. Where else could you encounter such a large crosscut of the amateur music scene in this province?

I set about to learn to pick guitar after I joined the jam. For those of you who think that I am a good guitar picker, know this. I never thought that I could ever learn to pick guitar when I was young. I played in public, mostly to act as rhythm guitarist for fiddle players. I never even thought I was capable of a lead instrumental. After a few months at the jam, I realized that we were very short of guitar pickers. There was Reg and a few others and that was all. I figured that if I practiced a few tunes at home, enough, I might be able to perform one or two tunes well enough to go before the mic. So that is what I did. Now I fill in some of the instrumental breaks for other singers, as well as for myself. I still wouldn’t say that I am good, but good enough to fill the gap, sure. And you could be as well. All you need to do is put in that extra practice at home.

I took over the Westman Jams website in mid 2015. Before that I often thought that what we ought to do with the website was include a little of this, add a little of that, feature some sound bites and more articles and videos, more tutorials and tips & tricks. I had all of these ideas but no clue if any of them where feasible of if they were even possible. I noticed that the web site had become inanimate. Nothing was being updated, except the calendar. Nobody was writing anything to post on it. It was as if we had let it die. I went to Wayne, who was the president of the council at the time, and asked if he’d be willing to let me take on the website, on a trial basis, to see if I could inject something into it. He agreed and thus I started editing the website. Now I didn’t know anything about editing or maintaining a website up to then so I had to learn fast, but it was quite an adventure. I had plenty of ideas, I just had to learn how to make turn them into reality online. This was the second gift that the Westman Jams gave to me. I found out that I love to work on websites. I NEVER would have found that out if not for the jams.

My point is that Westman Jams offers folks all kinds of potential opportunities to expand their horizons. All you have to do is grab the bull by the horns and who knows where you’ll end up. All I can tell you, for certain, is that the ride will be exciting.

At the Royal Canadian Legion Jam, in Brandon Manitoba on June 18’th 2017, I recorded this clip of me performing an instrumental. Here I am at the mic playing ‘Ashokan Farewell’. I hope that you enjoy it.

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Our bottom line goal is to keep our local live music alive and well in our area. So c’mon out to Spruce Woods the last Sunday of each month and bring your music with you. We’d love to see ya…

Here’s a map to find your way to Sprucewoods, coming from Brandon Manitoba or the surrounding area. (Click on the map to enlarge it.)
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Here’s a map so’s you can find your way around SpruceWoods. (Click on the map to enlarge it.)  If you would like to join us in our jams or would just like more information call Wayne at (204) 834-2130 or any of the executive listed on the executive page under “Members”. ________________________________________________________________


It’s free and easy…

Here are the requirements: Westman Jams does not pay rent for the venue: i.e The hall/auditorium/ must be donated. There is NO charge for admission at the door. Westman Jams takes a silver collection Your town can put on a supper to raise money. Most of the Jammers will participate and buy a ticket. If you would like arrange a jam in your community call Wayne at (204) 834-2130 or any of the executive listed on the executive page under “Members”.


The Canadian Northern Lights are a group of Motorhome enthusiasts from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota that get together approximately once a month to enjoy fellowship and fun. On the weekend of May 26 to 29, 2016 we enjoyed the hospitality of Carberry, Manitoba.

Occasionally we enjoy live entertainment. It was arranged that a club called the Westman Jammers would try to bring together some members and play some old time music for us to enjoy. We ended up with 15 players, singers and family members that joined us for an evening of good music and dancing. They travelled from different parts of the province to get together. The music and dancing lasted a full two hours and it was apparent that they truly enjoyed what they were doing.

I would like to pass on a big thank you from the Canadian Northern Lights to Wayne and all the Westman Jammers that joined us that night to give us an evening of entertainment that will be remembered and talked about for some time to come.

Vice President

Bryan Paqui